Marketo Lead Sync


Sync lead data from Marketo into Google Analytics, track of ine conversions and more


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See What's Converting

Sync your Marketo data into Google Analytics to get deeper insights into your advertising campaigns. See what leads are converting down the funnel and gain knowledge on what types of campaigns are driving results.

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Think Outside Marketo

Don’t rely solely on emails to influence high value customers. Think outside the CRM. Retarget your Marketo leads with ads across the web to amplify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns


Activate your Customer Data

Use the data you already have in your Marketo from email to lead stage, company size, leadscore, etc. to engage them at the right moment and time. Then and new customers who look a like and have similar behaviors to your best ones.

Syncing your customer and lead data from Marketo to Google Analytics allows you see what is converting and activate your data to find new customers who are most like your best ones. Gain valuable insights like, understand your best traffic sources by company size and determine customer lifetime value by advertising channel.


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